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I have had the pleasure to hear Laurel teach the Leveling Prayer Technique at a Workshop in Surrey as well as have her officiate for my wedding.

As a student who recently graduated with her M.A. in Counseling, I have sat through a lot of teachings and theories on how to help people.  During my time in Seminary I found that there was a gap between counseling techniques and how to bring faith into the counseling field.  The professors left it up to us to figure out how we would integrate these two together.

Hearing Laurel Hildebrandt was so refreshing because she taught us how to incorporate professional counseling tools and Biblical principles into our practice. Laurel is such an authentic, down to earth and gentle person.  It was a pleasure to sit and listen to her share insights that God has truly laid on her heart.

Laurel also performed our wedding ceremony and we were really happy with how it turned out.    She was so helpful, flexible and encouraging throughout the whole process.   She really worked with us to help us create a ceremony that was unique and gave us some great ideas to incorporate into our ceremony.

Laurel delivered a great sermon with the values and beliefs that we had wanted her to convey.  I would definitely recommend her as both a speaker as well as an officiant.

-Vivien Kukula

Finding myself feeling very isolated and ashamed with the severity of my problem with my daughter, I had Laurel’s name recommended as someone who could help. My reluctance to trust someone with a child was put to rest as soon as we were able to spend some time together.

Laurel’s gentle yet confident demeanor was so effective at putting both my daughter and I at ease. I am so very grateful to have her depth of skills available to walk with us.

I then had opportunity to be a part of a class taught by Laurel.  Although I already knew all the scriptures and facts about walking in freedom in Christ, I was ‘blown away” with being refreshed in my understanding of who I am in Christ and how much freedom is mine for the taking.

I don’t remember ever sitting under such teaching, that set my soul on fire with the desire to walk under the authority of knowing where I stand Biblically and who God is to me.  She is so right in saying… if my understanding of who God is in my life is off… I will be off in other areas in my life. I can accept what God says about me J

Little did I know that I was about to be thrust into deep turmoil with my mother passing away. This event opened up “a can of worms” that had been too big in the past to navigate. Years of separation on many levels had cause such a fractured family. Everything that I had just learned in the Levelling Prayer Course was suddenly so very valuable and useful with allowing me to walk in freedom and grace.

Since then I have had the privilege of being able to open up my heart, pain and joys with Laurel. I have not before experienced someone who can listen so well to me, and at the same time listen to what God is saying to her for direction. This saves countless hours of telling and retelling details.

The Lord empowers her with wisdom to cut ‘right to the core” of what the Lord wants to do for me that day. A quote from Neil Anderson that she uses is “humbleness is confidence properly placed in God”. I certainly see this very evident in Laurel’s humility, yet incredible strength, confidence and authority, covering all the details of effective prayers of healing, deliverance and protection over the lives of all involved, including herself.

It’s invaluable the way she never allows us to leave her office without first hearing from the Lord on a very personal level. That is certainly the kind of counselor I want … one that connects my heart with the living Lord, allowing more and more freedom and deliverance! Someone that can empower me to shut the door and move on in walking in freedom and victory!


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