Here is something that a very dear Daughter of the King of Kings has written…Enjoy!

“I suck at handling rejection. I sulk, pout, stomp my feet and do everything in my power to not accept it. I may be somewhat “dramatic” when I perceive a rejection flying my way – nonetheless you will see tears – and lot’s of them. You see, rejection always weighed heavy within me – it meant no value, no worth and no purpose. I avoided rejection by either avoiding life altogether or rejecting you first. It has always been a no-win situation. With time I‘m realizing that rejection is not on the same playing field as my worth, value or purpose. It is through letting go of the label “rejection” where I’m finding my identity as a Daughter of God.

Cherished women, we no longer have to bashfully stand in the weight of rejection. For it’s sometimes the one’s that are the most unseen and neglected humanity that are used the most for God’s Kingdom; never underestimate what God can do with a closed or broken opportunity. Women, instead of looking to our murky circumstances we can turn our eyes to the one who never leaves or forsakes us – for He is more than willing to fill the empty places where we should be left feeling alone and ashamed. As I’m writing to you, I’m writing to me! You are chosen, accepted and deeply loved by the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords – please let that sink in. Let it penetrate your hearts. No matter what the world has said or says about you, the word of God stands firm. And it is because of this revelation that we are able to stand up in whom we are created to be: a child of God.”

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