Equine Therapy

Photo-of-Laurel-Hildebrandt-with-her-equine-therapy-horseEquine Therapy is an experiential model of counselling that uses horses as part of the therapeutic process.

Horses bring a unique opportunity to those in therapy. They are intelligent, empathetic, and emotional creatures who are highly attuned to their environment.

As such, they are able to provide valuable feedback to us about the emotional, mental and physical challenges we may be experiencing.

When Talking To A Therapist Is Difficult

Equine Therapy may be especially helpful for those who have difficulty talking to a therapist.

Some Find Equine Therapy More ‘Doable’ Than Other Forms Of Counselling

Children who are autistic, young people with behavioural problems or who resist counselling, and adults with relationship, depression or addictions issues may find Equine Therapy more ‘doable’ than other forms of counselling.

Horses & Brainwave Patterns

Just being around horses, according to some studies, can change human brainwave patterns. Being with horses will cause some of us to become more centered, calm and focused.

For others, an initial reaction of fear may allow us to work through challenges and concerns we’ve been avoiding, resulting in a greater awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Equine Therapy is an approach to counselling that is experiential in nature. And, it can be quite powerful in supporting those in therapy towards the achievement of their goals.


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