Levelling Prayer Technique

Laurel Hildebrandt's Levelling Prayer Technique Page ImageLevelling Prayer Technique is a unique method of prayer counseling that goes deep to heal the person spiritually, cognitively, behaviorally and emotionally, addressing the whole person in order to bring freedom from pain.

It is a gentle method of counselling that significantly reduces the number of sessions needed for healing. This technique works well with any issue and any age.

Laurel teaches the following workshops for those who would like to learn and practice the Levelling Prayer Technique:

  • Level I (for anyone) “Finding Freedom in Christ” 12 hours
  • Level II Levelling Prayer Technique (For professional counsellors or those training to become counsellors/pastors)
  • Level III Practicum Hours for Levelling Prayer Technique (minimum of 10 supervised hours)
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