Day 14
Saturday November 17, 2018
A Break Day…

Glen’s night was not great again. My heart breaks watching him trek back and forth to the bathroom. I awoke at 6:00AM and obviously Glen was also awake. Groaning I reached for my eye cover to block the light and rolled over desperately hoping for more sleep. In and out of dreams again I was hearing something and finally rolled onto my back in search of Glen. He was sitting on the couch getting dressed, frustrated with trying to sleep and running to the bathroom. Thankful to see him yet deeply saddened and frustrated along with him and the agonizing condition of his bowels I closed my eyes again and put my hand to my head.
“Are you getting up? If we want to try to go somewhere we should do it sooner than later before the bowels really get going,” Glen said.
That’s all I needed to haul my body out of bed. We leisurely ate breakfast outside on our patio watching the sun burn off a small portion of the hazy skies as it got higher and higher. We were going to try going to the beach. Glen had not been there yet. This time I put my swimsuit on under my clothes just in case it got warm enough to swim. The temperature was dropping so today’s high was expected to be 19 degrees. It was still better than at home and the sunshine always makes me happy.
We ended up at Stearns Wharf where I had been a few days earlier when it was 26 degrees outside. Today was cooler at around 20 degrees now but the sun was shining brightly so it felt warmer. We had bought some wraps for lunch on the beach. Walking in the water felt cold but glorious. Finding a nice spot on the white sand we watched a guy on what looked like a paddleboard but he was holding onto a steering gadget and looked like he was propelling it with an elliptical type of movement with his legs. Fascinating. He came closer to shore and we found out that this was he and his wife’s first day renting out the elliptical paddleboard. Sign me up! I signed the paperwork while explaining our reason for being there. He was a Christian brother and said he would be praying for Glen. I thanked him and then was off for a “paddle” or “peddle” around the harbor. It was not a speedboat or a sea-doo experience but it was incredibly enjoyable and I found I could really move quite quickly across the water! A seal popped up behind me but not too close so this time I kept trying to get near him. Today I was disappointed that he wasn’t following me. I returned to shore so that Glen could have a go. He lasted about seven minutes but that is seven more minutes than he would have lasted two weeks ago so another reason to praise! Glen came back in and I went again. I had no concept of how much time had lapsed but Rob (the owner) told me to see how fast I could go to the Wharf and back. I love a challenge so off I went! I came back exhilarated and with sore legs. I passed my hat and sunglasses off to Glen and did what I’ve wanted to do all along – dove head first into the cold water. Shocking my system but so refreshing to my body and soul!
I sat on my towel to dry off a bit and Glen walked to the sadly disgusting Wharf public restroom. Our timer for the ninety-minute parking spot went off so I packed up our things and met Glen to head back to the vehicle. That was all Glen could handle for the day so we took a scenic route back to the Casita.
Sadly the rest of today for Glen consisted of napping and being in the bathroom. I just wrote, watched a movie with Glen, made supper, watched another movie with Glen and wrote some more. I’m beyond grateful that we got 90 minutes at the beach! May God grant us a good sleep tonight with many angels protecting us. May God slow down and heal his bowels and infiltrate every cell under His power and authority in Jesus’ Great Name! Amen.

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