Day 18
November 21, 2018
Treatment Day – Issels Clinic

This day was full for Glen and I. He had to be at the Issels clinic to start with Dr. Miller, the psychologist. I dropped him off and went up with Glen so I could use the Clinic wifi to look up a recipe. Dr. Miller came and found me asking me to come in as well…
“Sure,” I shrugged. “I’m sure I can go grocery shopping later.”
Glen and I headed into counselling together. The room was tiny and I couldn’t help but think that some of my clients would really not like that and get claustrophobic. When one counsels as much as I do I really had to remind myself not to lead! Sad, but true. I also reminded myself that Glen was Dr. Miller’s client and I need not talk too much. We discussed the difficulty of cancer; the honesty of cancer; the fears that come up when facing a terminal diagnosis; the stressors in Glen’s life.
Session over and Glen moved on to the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. I was about to go grocery shopping but popped my head into the IV room to say hi to whoever was in there. May as well spread as much cheer as possible. Jennifer was in there and though she is in a lot of pain she is always cheerful and kind. I introduced myself to the other woman whom I had never seen before. Her name was Lynn and she was a Santa Barbara native. Her regular naturopath was not available and she was here just for an IV. She has Lyme Disease so she asked if we could talk (because we both have Lyme). Sure! Shopping can wait… We compared notes. Both of us had done Dr. Rawls herbal program. She was still doing it but had cut down the dosage of 12 pills twice a day because it was too much. I had stopped it because it was too much. I probably should have kept going but was so sick of taking so many pills and one of the many symptoms of Lyme is having trouble swallowing – one of the many symptoms that I have. Now she does the smaller version of Dr. Rawls and IV’s about three times a week. My protocol is somewhat different. I used to do a lot of IV’s but my blood veins don’t seem to like it much anymore after too many. The last time I tried an IV it kept popping out of the vein and filling up my arm, which was really painful. Now I see my wonderful naturopath in Coquitlam who gives me “ion frequency” treatments, which is treating the Lyme as well as treating all the allergies and other symptoms that keep popping up because of the Lyme. I am also getting “bioenergetics” work done which also attacks the Lyme head on and helps me strengthen my immune system. Besides that I am taking Plexus products. At first the Plexus pink drink was formulated for weight loss but they have discovered that it, along with all the other Plexus products, have stuff in them that addresses Lyme. Many Lyme sufferers have been helped with the Plexus products.
Lynn was fascinated to hear all of this and encouraged by it. She was also surprised when I told her I have suffered with Lyme for around forty years. Her long time wasn’t quite as long as mine but really any time with Lyme is painful, difficult and frustrating. Doctors don’t believe you and label you as hypochondriac. Even some friends and family don’t believe you. It’s a lonely place that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. People with Lyme Disease are among the strongest people I know. That goes for cancer and any chronic illness as well. We may look healthy or even not look healthy but when one is not believed it is demoralizing. People with chronic illness are strong because their minds are strong. They get out of bed even with massive amounts of pain. They smile when every nerve of their face and indeed body are on fire with pain. They climb up stairs, that may as well be a mountain, slowly – but they do it even when their body goes weak, their legs refuse to work, and their heart is beating out of their chest for no other reason than the spirochetes inside their bodies have made themselves at home and found weakness to attack. The spirochetes have invaded every part of the host’s body and use it as a feeding ground. The body can live at peace with the spirochetes if the immune system is strong. Once compromised through physical or emotional trauma the body gives in and degrades. My big compromise came at age 14 when I was bucked off a horse that I thought I could “teach a lesson” because it had bucked off my sister and brother. A vertebra in my neck cracked even before I shot through the air like a rocket and plowed through the dirt with my face, the rest of my body in the air, for about five feet. I’ve had a headache every single day since that day. Quite a few other accidents occurred after that and it’s been a long, slow crawl to health. I can’t say I’m there yet. I can say that I am getting there and that God has not only held me up through this painful journey, He has carried me. There is no other way I could have made it. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength – I figure that means all things. I chose at the age of 14 to live – not that I was suicidal, but to actually engage in life even if I was never out of pain in this life – and to live with joy. That is a daily decision that I have to make. I choose to do that with the power of Christ. Even with this new mountain of Glen’s pain and suffering with cancer. I suppose it’s also why I want to bring joy to other’s lives.
I got Lynn’s email and wrote down some information for her. You know the interesting part? They could not get a vein to work for her IV today. I’m pretty sure the Lord wanted us to meet. She figured it was the universe that wanted us to meet. I hope I encouraged her.
I found Glen and gave him a hug and drove back to the Casita. The afternoon went by quickly with me eating a quick lunch and then meeting with a client via the telephone. God did some miracles! I made my grocery list and drove to Whole Foods – without getting lost I might add! Thank you Jesus! I arrived back at the clinic just on time to pick up the mass bag of supplements for Glen and pay the $1000.00 for them. Glen and I went “home” to the Casita to have supper and I “saw” another client via telephone. I feel bad I’m gone so long for my people. I remind myself that they are God’s first and He loves them even more than I do. Good thing He loves us so much!
As for Glen, he’s in pain. He’s struggling more with the bowels at the moment than the cancer. We did meet with Dr. Issels again. The blood tests from when we started are just too high on the cancer count and the inflammation count. All the supplements and pharmaceuticals are aimed at killing the cancer and bringing down the inflammation because one feeds the other. His blood pressure is also way to high. I’m worried and I’m trusting God at the same time. Can they both go together? Lord help thou my unbelief!

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