Day 19

November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Day in Santa Barbara


A blessed rain came down all night.  It made me feel like we were at home.  The land here has not had much rain for apparently eight years so I’m sure no one minded the rain ozonizing the air and wetting the hard ground. The ground here is not like in the Fraser Valley where it soaks up the rain and is dry quickly.  The ground here is much more like what I was used to growing up in the prairies, dry.

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in America.  Though we have already celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada we are so incredibly grateful that we kind of feel like we are celebrating Thanksgiving daily.  We are thankful for every moment we have together, difficult as it may be.  We woke up to beautiful sunshine and though the night could have held more sleep for us both we decided to try going for a drive.  Too much movement, well actually any movement causes his bowel to move so a drive is the least amount of movement we can do.  Our goal was to drive up the mountain.  It was a good goal but the rain had washed out a few roads so we ended up winding around and back into Santa Barbara.  We found a bathroom on the beach and as Glen went back to the car I wandered down to the beach for just a short walk.  It was windy and therefore a little chillier but so beautiful!

Poor Glen is detoxifying even more today so it’s been a bit rough.  We are really hoping this is working towards something good as in healing the inflammation and shrinking the cancer!  I need to move for my own health and sanity to stay intact so I headed out the door again only to be met by Joanna’s middle daughter who was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers for us to brighten our day.  I can’t believe how generous and thoughtful she is!  We were both thinking of getting Jan and Joanna flowers and here they beat us to it! J

I made my way down to the old Santa Barbara Mission. It was only just over a kilometer away and all downhill going there.  Once I got there I discovered they were closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday but I found the “Stations of the Cross” and walked through it while talking to Jesus.  I find it’s useless asking the “why” questions because I’ll not get an answer that I would be satisfied with anyway.  We know that God is in control.  As I walked through each station I remembered the life of Christ and took the focus off of me, and off of Glen’s suffering.  Jesus suffered already.  He died for this too.  We still need to walk through it yet it’s also spiritually and in a sense physically done because God, like I said before, holds time differently than we do.  All I can do, all Glen can do, is focus on Him. The Great I AM is in control even if it doesn’t feel that way.

Jesus said, “Ask for anything in My Name and it will be given to you.” (John 16:24; Luke 11:9; Matthew 7:7)

“Anything Lord?”

“Yes.  Do you want the cancer gone and Glen healed child?”

“Yes I do.”

“Is that all you want my daughter?”  He asked me.

“No.  I want more Lord.  I want Glen’s bowels restored.  I want the neuropathy in his feet, hands, legs and body gone.  I want every bit of Glen restored and made right.  Made stronger in You and in body.  Is it ok to ask for more my Lord?”

“Yes,” was the answer.  “I am the God of recompense.  I am just and I am good.”

“Then I ask all of that my Father,” I respond.  “Heal Glen.  Completely.  Cell by cell. I ask before the High Courts of Heaven where you have invited me to come in.  I dwell with you and am seated already in the heavenly realm with you Holy Spirit (Ephesians 2) so I ask all of this for Glen Lord God.  You are the Healer.  Come Lord Jesus, come!”

I arrived back up the mountain having been able to hike up (significant with Lyme which means I’m getting better and stronger because of Christ!) and stuck our quarter of a turkey (already cooked) in the oven with potatoes, yams and carrots.  We will be thankful.  We are thankful Lord.  We are thankful that You have already died and fought this battle too, rising again defeating death.  We are thankful that you hold the keys of life in your hands and thankful that you are deeming Glen worthy of serving you longer on this earth. Though it’s not physically accomplished yet we are thankful and we praise you Lord God! Thank you Jesus!!

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