Day Two
Hospital Angeles

The night was long for Glen. He has begun sweating profusely and then freezing. One professional (though not a medical professional) told us it was a good sign because he figured it’s the cancer coming out. We’ll believe that – whether it’s right or wrong. It sounds to me like Glen has joined me in hot and cold flashes which in my mind has absolutely zero purpose except to annoy and soak the bed or clothes with, well, with sweat. Apparently he was on the floor sleeping for a few hours. As I woke up a few times throughout the night and didn’t feel his presence beside me I assumed he was in the bathroom with that pesky and painful bowel. Apparently it was both. I can’t imagine he slept well. He wonders why he’s so tired!
I woke up the final time before my alarm at 6:55am. Glen climbed in the shower and as I began moving around the room my shoulder suddenly went into massive muscle spasms. It didn’t let up and no matter what I did it would not stop. Almost in tears with pain I continued packing. My breath was going in little gasps as it hurt to take a large breath. And then Andrea our driver called telling us she was in the parking lot waiting already. Quickly we headed down and then she graciously allowed us to find a small breakfast in the hotel lobby – boiled eggs. Dry but they did the trick to level out the blood sugar for the drive to Tijuana.
Andrea was great – talkative but not too talkative. We cruised along at 80 miles per hour and went right through the border without even stopping. Apparently that’s what people do. We marveled at the man in the army uniform standing there with a machine gun but she just kept on driving. We arrived at Hospital Angeles (say it with the Spanish accent! It’s more fun. ☺ ) by 9:00am and were greeted by Victor who was our liaison. It was nice to meet someone we had already spoken with from our home. After a short wait Glen and I were sitting with Goudula (Spelling I’m unsure of) to sign away our lives and finances and the finances of our children…waiver forms. Fun. We read every word but who knows what on earth it said? Glen asked the nice woman and I answered – they simply have control of us now. She laughed and said it wasn’t quite as bad as the “legalize” made it sound. I liked her. She was Spanish and German.
Barbara, the admin and public relations person brought us up to room 210. Issels has rented part of the floor for their cancer patient program. Someone came in and told us something about our day and asked Glen if he was hungry. He wasn’t but I mumbled that I was hungry. Just as quick he dialed a number and handed me the phone. I didn’t know what was happening but obediently said, “Hello”.
“This is Daniel. What did you want to eat?”
I laughed. Awesome is the day that I just say the word and food arrives within a half hour! I told Daniel my food allergies and once we got past the Spanish accent and my English accent sorted out we had ordered two dairy free omelets for Glen and I.
The day proceeded and the shoulder pain was not getting any better. Dr. Torres came in to discuss the day and a bit of the plan with Glen. When he was done I mentioned my shoulder pain and wondered if there was a place nearby I could get a massage. Of course there was! Right here in the hospital on floor five so just head on up there whenever I feel like it. I like this place!
Glen got hooked up to the IV bag – multi vitamins and when that was done a bag full of B17. Victor and Irene came in during that time and more forms were gone over. The plan. The big plan. Glen will get Autologous dendritic cell therapy (Injection under the skin during hospital stay); Autologous Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cells (Intravenous Injection during the hospital stay); and Autologous Natural Killer Cells (Intravenous Injection during the hospital stay). It will cause him some fever and fluish symptoms for a few hours but it will also cause his body to fight the cancer. Praise God! I asked what the success rate was and it all depends on the patient’s condition. Although I see Glen as quite sick he is doing much better than other cancer patients and was in great shape before so there is much hope. Praise God again!
The plan continues (after Glen’s outpatient treatment in the Issels outpatient clinic in Santa Barbara) … Autologous Cytokines or Coley’s Mixed Bacterial Vaccine (Injection under the skin for about 5 months once or twice monthly depending on response) and Autologous Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine (injection under the skin). We will bring those home with us but have to figure out how to keep them on dry ice long enough for the trip home. Good. I’m ready to get the show on the road and heal my man! We signed more papers and will pay more money as we go. In the morning Glen will get a complete blood work done to see which vaccines will work for his body and his type of cancer. I can’t help but wonder why on earth these things aren’t allowed in North America… Ah the wisdom of said governments who rule us with a big Pharma iron fist and try to take away most of our rights to choose…choose what to say, what to believe, what not to believe. Someday God will come back and make it all right. Until that day we go to Mexico for treatment!
I headed up to floor 5 and through sign language managed to book a massage. I didn’t even think to learn Spanish, just to get Glen here. I wandered back to the main floor and walked onto the limited green space trying to take a deep breath only to go into shoulder muscle spasms. Nice. It could be worse though. In these two days I’ve only had one migraine and it’s not today. Another blessing!
I returned to our little room – which is nicely laid out and then went out to ask Dr. Torres if I was needed for anything because I had booked a massage. He smiled, then called floor number five and arranged for me to have a female massage me (another blessing!), and that they would call me when they were ready. Perfect! Thank you Lord for looking out for me. At 4:30pm I got the call and went up for a wonderful massage. Lydia worked hard on my back then put a hot pack on it for fifteen minutes. It felt better yet still was cramped. Perhaps I would have to come visit floor five again – $30.00 US for an hour massage. I am supposed to be here resting. God has made that clear. Glen is to heal. I am to rest – which is also healing. I’ll take it. Forty years in the desert of Lyme disease could use some rest! One of my friends emailed me to tell me her vision of me and give me a verse. Her email said this:
Jeremiah 20:11, 12 “But the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior; Or (Ruthless warrior stands beside me) so my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will fail and be thoroughly disgraced; their dishonor will never be forgotten. Lord Almighty, you who examine the righteous and probe the heart and mind, let me see your vengeance on them, for to you I have committed my cause.”
“Today as I pray for you dear Laurel, the Lord lets me see some things about you. You are so diligent, thorough, conscientious, tender hearted. Things God loves about you. Now it’s time for your boat to be tied to the shore, and let the lapping of the water lull you into a place of rest. Your heart can safely trust JESUS with each of your clients, every concern. He is just as conscientious, diligent and thorough and will take care of those you love. He knows you love them, He does too.
“Rest my dear one” is what I hear Him say. The ruthless warrior is at attention and by your side to do the fighting. It’s his job. Yours, for now, is to rest and be lulled by the lapping of the waves…stationary for awhile.”

I’ll take that rest! That is what I am hearing my Lord say as well so it is a blessed and welcome affirmation. I am glad that I heard from the Holy Spirit before we left. Here is my journal entry from doing Lectio Divina on October 27, 2018 before we came to Issels.

Revelation 1:17 “Don’t yield to fear. I am the Beginning and I am the End, the Living One! I was dead, but now look – I am alive forever and ever. And I hold the keys that unlock death and the unseen world.”
“Yes child! I hold the keys of life and death! I am unlocking the door of life – new life – for Glen. I am inviting him into intimacy with Me. Through this I am growing him stronger in Me. There is purpose in your suffering. Write it down. Be My witness. Both of you.
Do not fear. I am sending you to Issels. There is purpose! There are some people I need you to meet. I own all the cows on the hill – I will provide. Trust their doctors.”

“So Lord, in obedience I am attempting to write it down. I am your child. I am your warrior. A tired one. One who is in pain yet so thankful for the years you have given us together! We claim the boundaries of Glen’s life, as written in his book in heaven, and we extend these boundaries into a healthy old age in the Name and Authority of our Lord Jesus Christ! And may this room and our appointments in this room be to your glory and honor. Purify us, this place and our witness in Your Name great Father. We love you Lord. Amen.”

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