The Healing Journey
Day One – the Trip to San Diego
November 4, 2018

It has been nuts… When we found out that Glen had cancer we continued on to our “glamping” trip to Beachwood as we had planned. Yet it was far from as planned. We were hit hard… again. We thought we were done the chaos and the heartbreak of cancer. I hate that word. I’m pretty sure it’s got some demonic attached to it but that is for another day’s discussion…

We finally decided to go to Issels Clinic. We gave the naturopathic doctor nine weeks as he asked. And then we gave another three months. I watched helplessly as Glen continued to go downhill. His bowels were getting worse. Every day was an endless struggle of sitting on the toilet, as his lack of rectum simply was not working. He went from having some control to almost none. The movements simply oozed. Most mornings he was able to make it to his heat treatments, IV’s, or bioenergetics appointments and then come home and crash. By the time I was done work he was just plain done. His energy levels were lower and lower. Oct 17, 2018 he had another CT scan and the results were worse. No matter how much money we spent the cancer was spreading. The cancer is in his liver at 47 mm. The cancer is encasing one kidney. The cancer is in his abdominals and some sort of obstruction in his bowels. That explains even less control with the bowels. Great… If we believe that the body created this cancer and the body can heal this cancer then why was it growing in his body? Why was his body betraying him? And taking my beloved husband bit by bit? The sadness was overwhelming and the hope was also co-existing 100%. I decided to live in what I dubbed in my mind as “Camp Hope”. I believe that I heard God say that He was going to heal Glen. That though God didn’t give Glen the cancer it would be for His glory. I hold onto that…
Today, November 4, 2018 I am writing from a little motel room – the Howard Johnson Motel. Honestly I was expecting a nicer hotel but it really doesn’t matter. It’s neat and clean and we can be together. We started the day at 4:00am after Glen got maybe 4 hours of sleep and I probably got a solid 2 hours. Our son Donovan was super sweet and got up to drive us to the Abbotsford airport. Donovan drove home and is there to hold down the fort and help Rowena, my neuroptimal technician and personal assistant hold down the home and business front.
By now Glen is so super weak. He is down to 170 pounds. His top weight was 270 pounds. On this journey he lost about 50 pounds so far. Juicing may have slowed down the cancer but it also made him skin and bones. I am not at all used to my man looking like that. He’s strong. He goes like the energizer bunny steady all day. Now…it’s very different. Standing in line at the airport he already was unsteady on his feet and the exhaustion was apparent. I marvel at the energy I have in spite of Lyme disease for forty years. Somehow I am strong and healing bit by bit. There’s no other way to describe myself except that it is God living in me and giving me supernatural strength and energy for this crazy roller coaster journey we find ourselves on. We saw a wheelchair and grabbed it. We checked three bags (one they did for free). How long will we be gone? A month. Holy cow! We are going to be gone a month and in that time we are living in complete expectation of Glen being healed. Coming home will be an easier experience. At least that is what I am holding onto with a dogged determination and hope in God’s healing power.
I pushed Glen out onto the tarmac holding my little purse and overfull backpack. He got up and slowly made his way up the stairs to the plane. Much as I tried to concentrate on my own steps I see his legs threatening to give out on him. He’s so weak and it makes my heart skip a few beats. “Don’t leave me my beloved,” my thoughts whisper. “He’s going to be ok My child,” the Holy Spirit whispers back to me. I keep walking. I believe. I trust. I choose it.
We made the one-hour flight to Calgary and slowly walk off the plane to another waiting wheelchair. Again I push him to a shuttle that takes us to the International side. I can’t believe how thankful I am for wheelchairs and shuttles! We get off and Glen decides to try to walk. Biting my lip I mumble something and he says, “I can do this.” Fifty meters in we spy more wheelchairs and Glen heads towards it. I am again thankful that his pride is not getting in the way. I know how much this trip is taking out of him. Finally we make it to our gate, having had some wheelchair fun with a downward ramp where I lifted my feet off and giggled as we raced down, slowing just in time to miss taking out a few people… We have to have some fun right?
The flight to San Diego was uneventful and I am beyond grateful. His bowels seem to be making the trip without more than 5 trips to the bathroom with the help of Immodium and Glen not eating much in anticipation of this day. We both settle into our seats and pop in and out of consciousness for a few hours. As we exit they have a wheelchair waiting and say they will come back for him. I flex my muscles and grin. “I’ve got it. We’ll just follow you.” Our luggage is thankfully at the carousal and Glen calls our Hotel/Motel for a pick up. After waiting twenty to thirty minutes a pleasant woman named Cindy arrived and ushered us into her van. She is kind as she listens to our reason for being here. Many of the passengers on the plan were heading to a Cruise ship for a 7 day Mexico Cruise. Our 7 days – it’s definitely not a holiday! We are thankful for the sunshine and warmer temperatures though for sure! Cindy tells us about her mother’s struggle with cancer – nine years she fought and then took a nuclear drug that Cindy thinks killed her. She never recovered from that one treatment. Don’t even get me started on my rant about Big Pharma corruption and how many people they are killing. That would be why we are headed to Issels in Tijuana, Mexico for Dendridic Cell Therapy. It’s natural, it’s effective, and it’s been around since 1951. Of course that entire conversation was in my head…no wonder I sometimes miss what’s actually being said…
Cindy said goodbye and that her prayers were going with us. I love how many people say that! God has a beautiful little army that simply needs to get bigger.
We checked into our little motel. “No elevator?” Glen carried…lugged…the 85lbs of suitcases up the stairs instead of waiting for his muscle woman to come back down for a second trip. It almost did him in… But he can be stubborn. I was thankful as Lyme and migraine were starting to kick in from my own lack of sleep, yet annoyed at him because that’s all he had left. Man I love him! I grabbed money and headed out the door to the attached restaurant and ordered take out – chicken shish ka bob for two. Another blessing came at the restaurant with a helpful Spanish man who was just simply kind. No offered prayers but a look of pure empathy as I waited for the food. Eating helped a bit and was truly delicious. We were desperately thirsty though so I headed out to a nearby Wal-Greens. Not surprisingly we drank the entire liter of water right away so off I went again. This time I grabbed two liters of water and bought Glen a pair of sunglasses because he forgot his.
I walked back into the room and scared a sleeping Glen on the couch because the door was very rough. I changed into my swimsuit in hopes of swimming but the tiny pool was frigid so I simply sat on a deck chair by myself and read a book about the brain. As I sat I heard a sweet noise above the roar of traffic. I looked over to my left and there was a little hummingbird at my eye level making noises at me probably wondering what on earth I was doing there by myself. “Hello,” I whispered to the beautiful creature. He hovered a bit and then took off for what looked to me like a huge dragon type flower and then was gone. I smiled. People ask how I am and I say, “Not too bad.” Or I say “good” because I treasure each good moment as good. That was a good moment. Walking to Wal-Greens was good. Coming back into the room to my beautiful man is good. And God is good. “Are you really going to heal Glen my Lord?” I whisper. “Do you trust Me my child?” I heard the Spirit whisper as I’ve heard Him whisper in my thoughts many times. “Yes Lord. I do. I choose to. Lord, help Me to trust you more.” “Yes My sweet. I am going to heal Glen. Hold onto that and anticipate good things. I have more for you both.”
Ok. I choose to trust. We finished the evening with watching “Night at the Museum 2”. Now, hopefully, we will find some sleep and Glen’s overactive bowel will let him sleep and heal. I choose to trust my Lord. Father, cleanse this room and be glorified through us!

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