Day 23
Monday, November 26, 2018
Issels Clinic

It’s Monday again. Amazing how fast those Monday’s always come! Glen is back at the clinic for more treatments again today. We both had a lousy night of sleep, or shall I say, lack of sleep. Glen was up and down and just not able to sleep. I was simply restless and not able to sleep. I know my mind was thinking a lot but on what I couldn’t tell you. We groggily got ready and headed out the door. Today’s first stop was the lab for Glen to get more blood tests done.
Fortunately we got in and out of the lab pretty quick. I dropped Glen off at the Issels Clinic to begin his treatments there and I headed back “home” to grab our laundry. I sure do miss having my own washing machine and dryer! I punched in the directions on my Apple map and true to form lately, my directions refused to talk to me so I was again forced to look down quite a few times in order to arrive at “Modern Laundry” – but arrive I did. I threw the laundry into the one available machine all at once. It’s not my usual style but necessity calls. I went and bought some more detergent and then sat down on one of their chairs to read a book about miracles.
God does a lot of miracles and most of those I read about (just started) were in other countries. It makes me wonder what on earth is wrong with us here in the West? Do our unbelieving hearts, spirits and minds stop Jesus from doing the miracles we seek? Do we doubt too much? I cringe against that because I believe with all my heart that God can and will heal Glen. I think sometimes though, when you’ve prayed for healing for so many years for yourself it gets hard to not feel left out. We know that God can heal us, yet sometimes we don’t think He will for whatever reason. I know that we are to grow through these trials and the pain, physical and emotional pain that come with Lyme Disease and cancer, yet I still long for complete healing for both of us and for Josh too! Lord, if there is some unbelieving part of us, I yield all of me to you. I accept your resurrection healing power Father!
My heart has been speeding along a lot lately too. Today it has been particularly racy going from a pulse rate of (according to my calculations) 140 to 100 and back up again. While at the Laundromat I sat in the car and renounced it sending any demonic that might be encouraging any weakness in my body to get worse to the pit in Jesus’ Name. That helped but did not take it away completely. I was feeling exhausted already and it was not even noon. The headache was trying to go migraine again too. I took a migraine pill yesterday so definitely wanted to avoid another one.
Finishing the laundry I drove back to our little Casita and ate some lunch. Glen texted that he was done early so I drove back to the Clinic to pick him up hoping that he would join me at the beach. Once I got there he had that look of, “I really want to come but…” I drove him home. His bowels were ramping up for another blast. Dropping Glen off at “home” I hopped back in the Sante Fe and drove to the same beach where we saw the dolphins yesterday. It was so gorgeous. There are always surfers there in wet suits and I again found myself watching them and comparing surfing to water skiing – seemed similar in the balance part. Slower than water-skiing but just ride the wave. No problem. Except that I don’t have a wetsuit and a surfboard! I have surfed behind a boat with no issues though so how hard could it be? I probably won’t find out – this trip anyway! I walked a long way again and then decided I should turn around and head back. I hate leaving Glen when such beauty surrounds me and he’s stuck in the bathroom. Dusting the sand off my bare feet I headed back to make supper. My heart didn’t race nearly so much on the beach. Maybe it is actually just stress. I can’t imagine what I have to be stressed about…!
I made it home with lot’s of time to make our blah supper which actually tasted pretty good. Pan fried fish with a fresh lemon that I hand picked from the tree outside my door, and boiled potatoes and carrots. Boiling the potatoes and carrots seems crazy but the strainer here is broken and I don’t want to bother Joanna with more requests. She is already being so incredibly kind to us. When I asked her if we could stay another few days in order to make up the third week of days we were missing for treatments because of the Tijuana to Santa Barbara travel day and the Thanksgiving holidays she said no problem. When I asked her today to be sure to let us know how much we owed them for the extra days she said we don’t owe them anything. Wow! To say that I am completely overwhelmed with the generosity of people, even almost strangers, is a complete understatement. We have received help from family, friends, co-workers, strangers and others. It feels awfully awkward and weird yet God says, “These are my gifts to you. As you have given so now receive.” Somehow it’s easier to give. The human psyche is definitely interesting!
The evening was spent with two tired adults watching another movie on TV – ‘Xmen – Apocalypse’ I think it was called. I am so thankful for this down time. Even through all my years of fighting Lyme Disease, and especially when fighting it when knowing what it was I was fighting, alongside fighting and treating Josh’s Lyme and this nasty thing called cancer, I have been going nonstop. I’m pretty sure God knew how much I needed this break and change of scenery! Our God is a good God!

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