Day 24
Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Issels Clinic

True to Santa Barbara the sun dawned with bright and blue skies again. Glen had a “decent” night, which meant only in the bathroom about 6-7 times. We really don’t know how much we have to be thankful for until it’s taken away and we realize just how much our bodies do for us when they are working properly. I slept better so woke up a little more rested. We were off to the Clinic again today.
I walked in with Glen this morning. He walked right into treatment and I sat down to chat with Ken. We were both wondering how we were going to make it into Tijuana in February for another round of immunotherapy with thousands of people at the border vying to get into the States in order to escape Honduras where there is so much corruption and persecution going on. I don’t blame them at all. It truly is a matter of life and death for them and I am thankful I’m not the President to have to figure out that mess. I can’t help but wonder why these beautiful countries are so corrupt. They could easily produce enough food and have clean water for everyone with their amazing climates. The greed of the wealthy and the few with the most, make those with more oppress those who have little instead of helping them. It breaks my heart. We have to go back to Tijuana around the first week of February so have started to look at flights directly into Mexico – none of them look quick and easy! I guess the Lord will have to figure that all out because this too is a matter of life and death.
By 10:30am I excused myself and drove back to the Casita. Joanna’s wonderful people were cleaning it for us so I settled myself on the patio to do a bit of writing before talking with a client. The rest of the time with my client via telephone was spent hearing of wonderful miracles that we have been praying for together for many years coming to fruition! Praise God! It takes patience sometimes, yet God always answers our prayers. With so many people praying for Glen’s healing I just know God is hearing our prayers and will answer with more time here on earth for my beloved man, my best friend.
I quickly ate my lunch of vegan eggplant Parmesan that I had made last night before we watched the movie. It wasn’t nearly as good as what a wonderful woman brought to us one evening! I didn’t quite have all the ingredients but considering that, it wasn’t bad. It’s definitely sad that Glen can’t eat it with me – too much tomato and vegan cheese for his fragile system right now. I still had to make it though because I had bought what I needed to make it. I guess I’ll be eating eggplant Parmesan all week!
I made it back to Issels Clinic on time to catch the nutrition talk with Carly. Today we discussed blood types and how each blood type means much more than I even thought it did. Type O is the oldest one and goes back to the cave man. They were carnivores, hunters and highly athletic it appears, as they had to move most of the day to ensure their survival. Group O have no antigens so they are the least likely to have auto-immune issues. They can also donate blood to any blood type person. Then came blood type A, which originated with the European descendants. These are the type that don’t have as much physical stamina – farming probably wouldn’t be a good idea for them because no matter what they do they just can’t seem to build up endurance. Type A’s could be vegetarian. Type B blood type does best to eat a balance between vegetables and meat. Type AB is the most rare blood type and the “newest” one around. That’s all I got down in my notes on my iPhone but I’m sure there was more! I wonder what blood type I am? Strange that I don’t even know. I used to give blood a bit back in Bible School but now I actually feel bad about it because who wants Lyme tainted blood? Lord please protect anyone who got my blood from Lyme! Hopefully the Lyme spirochetes were hibernating when I gave my blood.
I stayed in the IV room caught up in conversation with some of the newcomers this week – Martha, a nurse; and Kim along with her husband Terry. Terry and Kim are definitely Christians and it felt good to have them join the ranks at Issels. I think God is targeting Dr. Issels. God is using him whether he knows God or not. (We also soon discovered that Martha is also a believer in the Lord.)
Glen headed for the far infrared sauna and I was going to head out to Whole Foods for a few more groceries. I spotted the man who was videoing Jennifer, another patient, for her GoFundMe page and said hi, introducing myself. I commented that my shots wouldn’t be nearly as detailed as what I saw him do so he must be professional. He was. His name was Corbin Billings and he works in the film industry in Los Angeles. He is also wanting to get his fiction fantasy book published so I assured him I would definitely want to know when that comes out because I love a good fantasy book. We discussed my books; psychology (his Mom is also a counsellor); theology (because he asked what I do and what books I’m writing – how can you not discuss theology when one is writing a book entitled “Levelling Prayer Technique – Bringing people to Healing and Wholeness”). We also discussed my sons who are probably not too much younger than him (at least within a decade ish) and Joshua’s struggle with Lyme Disease which made him have to give up his Premier Soccer and dreams of going further with it, as well as having to quit grade 12 after the first semester because he just wasn’t making it out of bed (so he claims to be a high school drop-out – he’s not, he still graduated but he has fun with it). This led to me sharing the blessing that came from Josh not doing soccer and being stuck in bed all the time. Josh has written many songs and him and his friends formed a band called, “Fountain”. He had the time to learn guitar and his creativity in writing and singing are amazing alongside his incredibly talented friends. (Of course I’m not biased! Really, what are you thinking?! LOL) Seriously, they are pretty good. Then Corbin shared that he is a rapper. I looked him up and listened to his stuff. He warned me that in the three years of rapping he’s getting less and less angry so it’s good therapy. He’s good. Look up “Floowood” on Spotify, Apple or YouTube. So long story but now you know how I met someone “famous” (which I have no idea if he’s famous or not but it was a fun experience). So many divine appointments! We have no idea how much we impact others and the impact they have on us.
Because I didn’t make it to the Whole Foods store Glen drove with me and sat in the car calling MasterCard. I had tried to pay the Issels Clinic again for the week’s treatments for Glen but it was rejected. Even though we had paid a massive chunk down recently we were over our limit. No surprise there I guess! When you’re spending $8500.00 US a week out here in Santa Barbara on top of the $28,500 US in Tijuana it really adds up quick. Lord bless these treatments by magnifying their power to heal Glen!
I was tired by now. I could not stop yawning so stuck the ground beef in cold water to thaw and called Josh. He was home from Bible College doing laundry. We had a fun chat and played with the messenger faces a bit. Donovan was also home. He was on the computer playing games and headed back to the office while we were on the phone because he is also one of my NeurOptimal technicians (neurofeedback; brain training). My clients really seem to like Donovan and Josh (who did that job for me for a little bit as well). I have to admit my boys are pretty special! I sure do miss them!
I made another blah supper of fried hamburger, potatoes and carrots again. It’s the first time I’ve had beef in many weeks so I was craving some red meat! Glen spent the evening between the bathroom, shower and Canucks game while I got my writing in.
A friend shared a song with us today by Tenth Avenue North – “I have this Hope”. The words “through the flood and the fire, you’re with me and you won’t let go” really stick out to me. I started belting out the descant and then became teary as the words really hit home each time I sing it. God is with us through all these floods that threaten to tear us apart. God is with us through this fire that Satan wants to kill us with but God uses to refine us. God saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednago from the fire and walked in that fire with them to keep them safe. I know we are in a fire. God is walking in that fire with us to keep us safe and protected so that not even a hair on our heads will be singed. We serve an amazing Lord who is working for us continually and is more than worthy of our praise day and night.
A friend sent me this today as she was praying Daniel 10 for me under “the anointing of the Spirit”.
“Daniel 10:8 …so I was left alone…saw…retained no strength. Then I heard the sound of his words – and fell on my face to the ground. Then a hand touched me and set me, trembling on my hands and knees. Saying…Oh Daniel, man greatly loved, understand the words that I speak to you. Stand upright, for now I have been sent to you. Then he said, “Fear not Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before God, your words were heard, and I have come because of your words…I have come – to make you understand.
Then I opened my mouth…and I said…Oh! My Lord! By reason of the vision pains have come upon me and I retain no strength. No strength remains in me and no breath is left in me. Again, one having the appearance of a man touched me and strengthened me and said, “Oh man greatly beloved, fear NOT, peace be with you; be strong and of good courage. As he spoke I was strengthened.”
“From your Daddy; My dear child, my dear Laurel, I’ve been there every second of your trial, bowed low with you when you felt crushed to your knees. You are just as valuable to me as my servant Daniel. His words are just as precious for you today, at this time and for this trial. I have extended your time of rest for the inner strengthening to take root deep in your being. You are not only humble in My hands, you are willing to understand My ways, even when it’s not made any sense to you. I am greatly encouraged with you my child. I am giving you more and more strength that I promise will sustain you, right to the end. The shock and despair that has cut right to your heart, is small in comparison to the understanding and reward that awaits you. Your depth of JOY will outweigh the crushing agony and despair that’s been your portion.” (SP)
I am deeply humbled to receive those words over me. Beyond words humbled. That my heavenly Daddy would count me precious enough to entrust words to a woman of God, who in turn has enough faith to share it with me, is an encouragement beyond words. I am so in love with my God!

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