Day 31
December 4, 2018
Issels Clinic

The day dawned with blue skies but sadly by noon it was starting to cloud over. I know I shouldn’t be complaining but I was really hoping that our last few days would be warmer, bright, sunny… so yes, I will stop complaining! We spent the sunny morning at the clinic. Glen was getting more testing done so instead of hitting the beach while the day was warm and sunny I stayed with him to hear the results. The testing went very slowly today – probably because I was antsy to get to the beach!
The testing was everything he had tested on day one to measure the progress results. This time I wrote it down…. He had “digital body analysis” (AO); the ESTECK scan that scans the body with four plates to read pretty much everything that is going on in the body. Dr. Issels said it doesn’t tell us if someone has cancer but they look at things on the scan that are missing or prominent. He also had the ZYTO scan done which is the same scan my naturopath Dr. Tracy Park uses. This one scans a hand and also is a great tool to see what is going on in the body. Today I also asked more about what each therapy does. The BRT (Bacon, relish and tomatoes?)…just kidding – it’s a “Bio resonance therapy” which actively gets the cells to communicate with each other. This is the therapy that Roberto jokingly said was like marriage therapy. The CC otherwise known as “Cellular Communication” is the passive way to get the cells to communicate by “clearing” the pathways of junk in the way (that’s my words minus the passive word…my weird way of trying to understand what it does!) Glen also had “Acoustic light wave” therapy sessions done quite often – it also facilitates cell communication. This basically means it’s all giving the body a little kick and saying, “Seriously!? This is cancer. Cancer is not your friend. Now start fighting it!”
We met with Dr. Issels and I planted myself in the farthest corner of his office to not disrupt his computer system for another test…I forgot to ask what this one was. These are not blood results but according to all that testing Glen has improved. The extreme exhaustion is his body getting better and detoxifying as we keep targeting the cancer, which is apparently the only thing wrong with him. Getting better is hard work with any disease. I definitely understand that with all the hard work I’ve done and will continue to do to ditch the Lyme Disease. People ask me if you can heal from Lyme Disease. The answer is that it depends on to whom you are asking the question. Just the same as the question, “Can one heal from stage 4 terminal cancer?” If you’re asking me, the eternal optimist who is always filled with hope, the answer is yes – to both questions. This song from my childhood comes to mind: “Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow! Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know who holds my future…And life is worth the living, just because He lives!”
Jesus is the great Physician. Jesus is the Word that was made flesh and was with God the Father creating the world. (John 1) Jesus the Son and God the Father made us in their image (of course with the Spirit of God there too), so if we are made in their image we are made perfectly. Our bodies know how to heal. Yes, we live on this imperfect earth. Yes, bad things happen all the time – believe me – I think I may have heard most of them already in my 23 years of counselling. Bad things happen because we have an enemy. God doesn’t give us bad things. God uses those bad things for good for those who love Him to mold us and make us more like Him – to “sanctify” us is what that means. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and we are called to be stronger. We are called to work out every day not only physically (a good idea) but spiritually! Flex those muscles of trust and faith! Flex those disciplines of prayer and reading the Word! Flex those muscles of listening to the still, small, peaceful voice of the Spirit giving us words of absolute life. And man, are we flexing out here in treatment and on this roller coaster ride of cancer coupled with Lyme Disease!! God has called us all to flex and become strong men and women for Him. Battle on!
When I finally did make it to the beach the wind was so strong and the waves rushing in one on the other in rapid succession – I was actually cold. There were no surfers out today for the first time since I have been coming here. In an effort to remain as adamant as possible to take in the free negative ion treatment from the ocean I took off my shoes and socks and waded along the shoreline walking for around an hour. It was still breathtaking even though the water was shocking my toes with the chill! God has made some amazing scenes!
I made it back to the clinic and visited with Jimmy and Ken in the waiting room for a bit before moving into the IV room. Jennifer’s numbers are looking better! That is so awesome! I’m not sure about Ada but I am hoping her numbers are looking up too. She is such a sweet woman with a gentle nature. She had a rough day today with a sudden onslaught of nausea, headache and throwing up. I am praying she’s ok for her last day of treatment tomorrow!
Though Glen started the day exhausted and barely moving he certainly perked up by the time we came home. That was unusual but we will take it! He had a little nap and after a supper of the fresh salmon I landed at the “Fish Market” (almost as good as real fishing when you pay $4.82 for enough salmon for two!), Glen even had some coconut milk ice cream for dessert. He needs it. He’s down to 160 pounds, which for his frame is skinny.
Tomorrow is also Glen’s last day of treatment. As we started today with blood tests again we will get those results before going home. I think we may be holding our breath…

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