This is the first time I am using a blog ever. It is a bit daunting to put my thoughts out for public perusal. With that in mind I am now, officially dedicating this blog to God, my Savior and my Lord. May my words here bring God glory and honor, and bring people to a loving Savior. May I not be condemning, nor misinterpreting of Scripture, nor words of others. May my words be uplifting for those who happen to chance on them. This is my prayer.

Perhaps to start with I will simply write down a poem that I wrote on January 23/2009.
“Lord, fill me with Your Love Eternal
Love Eternal, Love Divine
Love all pure, Love bestowed from Heaven above.
Let selfish thoughts erase from mind
Let Love be multiplied
Let me be Your servant Lord
Your warrior Maid make me be
A Princess of the Highest Order
A child of God betrothed to none other
Lord, fill me with Your Love Eternal.
I am Yours and You Mine.

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