by Laurel Hildebrandt ☺

It starts with a thought.
If you let it fester, it grows.
If you cut it off, it dies.

Keep your eyes on Jesus!
When I see Jesus I see myself more clearly.
Jesus can never be taken away from me. All else falls away but Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and the Words of the Trinity of God can never fall away. He is forever!
I can trust Jesus because He will never fail, never leave me, and never be taken away.

My sole purpose is to LOVE GOD and GLORIFY GOD in all I do.
My secondary purpose comes out of my SOLE purpose – to do the good works that God has prepared for me to do in advance.
Did I show God’s love to those around me today?
That’s a successful day – regardless of the results.
All I need to do is LOVE.
The rest is up to God!

My self-esteem comes from God, not from work or good works.
The purpose is for God, not me.
I’m me and you are you.
I’m responsible for me.
I’m not responsible for you – I love you anyway.
I commit to moving forward to work and live in a new healthy way – totally dependent on God.

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