Redemption is a huge word with huge meaning. I’m pretty sure that the theme of redemption flows through all of my writings. Jesus’ theme is redemption through Him. I am constantly amazed at how He actually came down to earth, giving up huge amounts of glory that we can’t even comprehend, to give up His life, take on ALL of our sins and fight Satan. He actually descended into hell to take to do this fight and take back the keys to life and death. Jesus took our place of death and in return gives us life! What does this mean? Many things!!
The first thing that it means is that we can have salvation and eternal life through believing in Jesus as the Christ who came in the flesh to earth to live and die and rise again for us. That belief gives us eternal life with Him after we are released from our mortal bodies. That in and of itself is amazing!
Second, redemption by Jesus Christ means that He takes our place. In everything that we let Him…That means that Jesus will take our place in all the sins we have committed – bearing those consequences for us when we come to Him asking for forgiveness. It means that Jesus takes the place of all of those sins done to us as well – when we come to Him and let Him bear those consequences for us. In other words, the redemptive act of Jesus is ongoing in our lives as we let Jesus in to every part of our lives! He takes our place for all the sins we have done and all the sins done to us!
I think that’s amazing! Now all we have to do is remember that in everything and invite Him into every aspect of our lives. That’s when true healing happens.
Enjoy the redemption of Christ in your life. He loves it when you do. 🙂

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