Laurel is passionate about what God has to say to people and loves to share, and help people know, that they are His kids and He wants to offer them freedom!

She believes that if our identity is in Christ we cannot go wrong.  That doesn’t mean we won’t encounter challenges and problems. It does mean that we can learn to walk in freedom, grace, forgiveness and love because that is what our Daddy offers us.

Laurel shares about the incredible gift God offers to give us and how all we need to do is reach out and accept it.  She has seen the miracles of Christ countless times as she meets with clients in her office. She has seen first-hand God set people free from the bonds of their past and lies that tell them they are worthless and unlovable.

In her speaking and as she ministers one-on-one to clients, Laurel shares the truth that because of Christ we are of infinite worth and are lovable beyond measure.

Laurel believes it is a privilege and blessing to be able to share one-on-one in the lives of others and to be a vessel of God that witnesses the shackles of people falling off to be replaced by the freedom of God.

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