Weekend Retreats

Laurel has three exciting weekend retreats developed for women (outline below).

Each one is Biblically based, full of invitation to freedom and adventure in Christ.  All have been very well received by women’s retreats in the past!

If your group has a different topic in mind feel free to discuss it with Laurel.

Weekend Retreat #1: God’s Warrior Princess

  1. Who Needs Redeeming?
  2. Warrior Princess
  3. The Redeemed Woman

Weekend Retreat #2: Running the Race

  1.  A Blast from your Past
  2.  Forgiveness – A Step Towards healing the Past
  3.  Hope for the Journey
  4.  Breaking free from Your Past and Living for Jesus Now

Weekend Retreat #3: Fearless and Courageous

  1. Fearless
  2. A Biblical Perspective of Fear
  3. Living Courageously – Through the Eyes of Mary
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