I am borrowing a term from author Bryan Davis who has written the “Dragons in our Midst” and “Oracles of Fire” series. I particularly identify with the oracles of fire in the series. These people are those who speak the truth and lead others to the truth. In the series they can actually light on fire without being burned and light other things on fire – which actually burn. I believe the metaphor in real life is that when we are on fire for Christ, filled with His truth, we cannot help but be “burned” with the Holy Spirit’s power within us and we speak truth into people’s lives – which when done with gentleness, love and the ultimate timing of Christ Jesus, can then ignite a fire in them. This fire is all consuming and cannot be quenched because it is the fire of God within us which points the way for others to follow.

I want to share a quote from Bryan Davis’ book “From the Mouth of Elijah” in his newest series “Children of the Bard”. This piece is from page 327 of the book. It talks about the girl Lauren, who walked barefoot on hot lava because God was telling her to make a path. It burned her feet, peeled her skin, and then her feet healed and became able to withstand mass amounts of heat. Of course this is fiction, yet the metaphor is just simply too delightful to ignore.

“How do you feel?”

“Good.” Lauren lifted a foot and looked at the sole. The skin was fresh, pink, and unharmed. “It was terrible. I felt it burning and peeling my skin.”

“Yet you are healed.”

“But I wasn’t before. I burned. It hurt like crazy.” She lowered her foot and pointed at the trail of flesh and blood. “There’s proof.”

“Proof indeed. Undeniable proof.” As Joan’s eyelets blinked, soft blue light flowed like mist. “Lauren, this is the story of the Christ, the theme of life itself. We are of the light, so we sacrifice. We give of ourselves. We burn and let others bask in the warmth of our glow. Their joy brings us joy. Oracles of Fire burn in the flames of selfless service, and unlike the tree of life, our bodies are consumed. We suffer. We die. our physical lives are but seeds that fall to the ground and perish, but they sprout and grow to life eternal. And our new bodies?” Her light flashed brightly. “Oh, mon amie! Our new bodies are like the tree! We blossom and never wither. We burn but are never consumed. We lift up our fiery hands in praise to the king of all, Jesus the Christ! And the evidence of our sacrifice remains, bloody footprints that will never wash away, a path to guide other newly created oracles. For those who feel the fire burning within will need a guiding lamp. They will be afraid, because they will look around themselves and see that no one understands. Their friends and peers are following the idols of the world, lacking vision, blinded by selfish pleasures destined to perish. Seekers of the truth know there is a deeper walk, a holy calling, but unless they are able to see the trail that others have blazed, they will not know how to take those first painful, fiery steps, they walk of faith that cleanses the soul.”

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